Stepping Out in Faith

Sometimes you just have to have faith that God will help you when he gives you a nudge to do his will.

A Parent’s Prayer Answered July 30, 2013

What a joy to see my baby girl all grown up and getting ready to walk down the aisle to become one with the man of her dreams! Watching the two of them grow up over the past 6
years I’ve seen how good they are for each other. Knowing that they are so perfect for each other gives me peace. But even more imporatantly, I have seen how they have put God first in their relationship. It makes me so proud in this day and age to know how commited they are to making that pledge, because I know the God is going to bless this marriege more than we can even imagine!

Ever since she was little, I’ve been praying that God would bring a man into her life that would make a good Christian home for her and my grandchildren and this prayer has been answered in a big way! He’s great with children and as the worship director at our church at the age of 20, he’s taken on huge responsibility at such a young age and done a fabulous job! I have no doubt that he will be a loving and supportive husband and a gentle, but firm father.

My daughter has graduated from college and works with teenaged girls who suffer from eating disorders. She has such a caring and giving heart that I know the girls will benefit from the love of God that she shares with them. It’s been her dream to be able to show others how much God loves them. As a parent, it’s one of our goals to see our children succeed in the world and I know that they are definitely getting off to a great start!


Daily Prompt: All About Me February 13, 2013

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you. This is my response to yesterday’s prompt:

When I first started blogging, it was in response to our church’s need for someone to take over the website. I contemplated this for several weeks before offering to rise to this challenge. I had never run a website before and I had a lot to learn, but nobody else was coming forward to take the job.

After much prayerful consideration, I felt that I was being called by God to “Step Out in Faith”. I knew that God would provide the skills I needed to complete the task at hand. The blog was a result of my feeling of God’s tug to have faith in him. I felt that this was something I needed to share with others to challenge them to step out in faith also.


Overcoming Obstacles With God January 29, 2013

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Six months ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was feeling horrible with classic diabetic symptoms; extreme thirst, urinating a lot, exhaustion, and when my vision got really blurry, I knew it was time to find out what was going on. My doctor’s office worked me in the very next day and a simple blood glucose test showed a very elevated result. One look at the nurse’s face and I knew it wasn’t good. I was put on insulin to bring my number down quickly and I signed up and attended diabetes education class and met individually with a nutritionist and a diabetes educator.They were very helpful and I learned a lot that helped me deal with the day to day glucose tests and insulin shots as well as what foods to eat and not eat.

It was 4 months later before I found out I had type 1 diabetes, not type 2. My treatment changed again and I had more changes to make in my daily life. Insulin shots before meals were added to my arsenal of ammunition against this disease that has my body fighting against itself. Adjusting my meds several times still has my numbers totally out of whack. Strangely enough, I have never blamed God for this struggle as it’s not his fault. I do, however, praise him for giving me the strength I need to deal with this debilitating disease. My diabetic care team has been a huge help!

My most recent visit to the endocrinologist was another variation to my treatment. Now, I will be learning how to use an insulin pump. That is the next step in my quest for a somewhat normal existence. Hopefully, once I learn to use it, I’ll be able to get things under control. Without God in my life, I’m sure that I would have felt totally overwhelmed through all of this. Knowing that he’s always there for me has helped me to look at this as an opportunity to learn about the disease and to help others who are dealing with it as well. Teaching students in my health classes about it and showing them how to eat healthier are goals that I have now that I am learning more about it. God will help me to do this. I’m stepping out in faith…


Father Christiaan Kappes Makes It To Safety! October 8, 2012

Father Christiaan Kappes and his translator Ioanna Lakakou have made it safely out of Greece. Father Christiaan Kappes has contacted his family and will be returning to the US in the next few days. What relief flooded over me as I read the most recent post on his sister, Nadia’s, Facebook page! Fr. Kappes last spoke to his family on Oct. 1st. There will be more news forthcoming later today. Many thanks to all of the people who have been praying for this whole situation!


Answered Prayer February 6, 2012

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In the fall of 1999, my father suddenly became ill and was rushed to the hospital. When I was notified, they didn’t know if he would even make it to the hospital. I had a 3 hour drive ahead of me, it was pouring down rain, and I was frantic to get there before he passed. Traffic was slow on the 2 lane highway I had to take to get to I-74 and I was very impatient to pass the car in front of me. I couldn’t however, because every time I got to a passing lane, there was a car coming toward me. I kind of calmed down and said a prayer as I drove.

It wasn’t too long until the rain stopped falling, but the lightning continued. It was beautiful as it streaked across the sky lighting up the darkness. All of a sudden, a calm came over me. Right then I knew everything was going to be okay. I decided to slow down and enjoy the fireworks that God was providing. It was a long haul, but my dad did finally pull through and get to come home. He had another year and a half on this earth for us to share time with him until the Father finally called him to his final resting place. This is one of several times that after prayer, I was able to feel an undeniable peace come over me that could only have come from God!


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