Stepping Out in Faith

Sometimes you just have to have faith that God will help you when he gives you a nudge to do his will.

Life Without Limbs, Nick Vujicic November 19, 2012

Nick Vujicic, Life Without LimbsNick Vujicic, the president and CEO of Life Without Limbs, spoke at the Anderson University Chapel on October 18, 2012. He is one of the most motivating speakers I believe I have ever heard. Nick has overcome many obstacles in his life. You see, he doesn’t have any arms or legs. It would be easy to have a negative outlook on life. Nick came into the world with this handicap. He could blame God and feel sorry for himself, but he chooses not to live his life that way.¬†Watch the video of Nick’s presentation and see what you think. Share your thoughts below.


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