Stepping Out in Faith

Sometimes you just have to have faith that God will help you when he gives you a nudge to do his will.

I Love Sundays! February 19, 2012

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Why do I love Sundays? I enjoy seeing my church family on Sunday mornings and I feel so fulfilled when I walk out the door after the service. There was a time when I couldn’t drag myself out of bed on Sunday mornings, but now I really look forward to the service. Our praise band plays such uplifting music. I enjoy the traditional hymns as well and that’s why the church I attend is so perfect. We have a praise band and a pianist that plays two weeks out of the month. I have the best of both worlds! We have so many talented musicians and vocalists right here in our small town congregation. It is so cool to see the young people who are willing to share their talents with us as we all praise our Lord and Savior!

The sermons enlighten me on Biblical principles that I have studied in the past, but not quite understood. I have grown so much in my faith in the past few years. Many people who serve the congregation have  jobs outside of the church, but still are able to find the time to devote to the Lord. The people  are so friendly and giving of their time and gifts. I’m glad that I am constantly challenged to live my life to be more like Jesus. I know I’m not perfect-far from it, in fact. But I have the hope of the sacrifice that was made on my and your behalf. I hope you enjoy Sundays as much as I do!

Stepping Out in Faith,



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