Stepping Out in Faith

Sometimes you just have to have faith that God will help you when he gives you a nudge to do his will.

Stepping out in Faith January 17, 2012

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Stepping Out in Faith to Do God’s Work

When our church was looking for someone to be the webmaster for our new website, I had volunteered to help. When you say, “I’ll do it if you can’t find anyone else,” you know you’ve pretty much just volunteered to do it, don’t you? For several weeks, I held out hope that someone else would step up to the task. But, I had this nagging feeling that this was something God was calling me to do. After all, what did I know about web design or the layout of a web page? I’d messed around with putting a blog together at one time and put some pictures of my husband’s cornhole set designs on a website, but taking on the task of the church’s website was a whole other can of worms, so to speak.

Since beginning work on our website a few months ago, I have learned a lot about the process, but I have a long way to go. I rely on others in the church to communicate information that needs to go on it and give me feedback on their impressions. I have found that God has supplied the skills as I’ve needed them. I continue to pray for his direction as I look for ways to use the website to reach out to the surrounding communities. This opportunity has blessed me in ways I hadn’t considered. What is God calling you to do for his kingdom? Step out in faith today and put your gifts to work for His glory!

Serving In faith,


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